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New Important survey

There is a new important survey. The results will directly impact the server. You can find the survey here:

Looking for Moderators

I am looking for more moderators for my servers. You can apply here. Just be sure to read the pinned post and only apply if you are planning on taking moderating the servers seriously. If you are inactive you will be removed.

5 new Special Rounds

March 21, 2019

I have added 5 new Special Rounds to the Zombie Servers. You can find an a list of the new Special Rounds in the Discord.

Second Zombie Server

February 9, 2019

I have created a second Zombie Server! The gamemode now supports any map, so I added a couple of 5CP, CTF, MvM and PLR maps to the rotations. Server #1 hosts the full map cycle, which is 85 maps. Server #2 only hosts half of the map cycle.
As for the 'Around the world' achievement, you now have to play on both servers to get it.

IPs: Server #1 Server #2

Lazyneer's Custom Achievements

January 1, 2019

The past few weeks, Kawaii Heavy and I have been busy making custom achievements for the Zombie server. And now you can get them. There are 42 achievements, and each achievement you get will reward you with Lazyneer Points, ranging from 10 to 500 LP. Achievements can only be obtained once.

You can look at all the achievements at

The first person to get 'Zombie King', earn all other achievements, was ✦Moofy and got 1000 bonus LP. The second person to get it will get 500 bonus LP.


LP Leaderboard

1. 12932 - Lazyneer
2. 11190 - WiDam
3. 10830 - Eddie himself
4. 9935 - Running Machete Magician
5. 8418 - ✰Moofy

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Rounds Won Leaderboard

1. 933 - Kuwuka
2. 667 - Running Machete Magician
3. 506 - Spiced Rum
4. 495 - WiDam
5. 390 - [TTPN] Breadman

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1 person has earned Zombie King.